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Seed Effect Trip 2015: Visiting a Tree Church


Sunday morning, we pile into two SUVs and drive down the bumpy dirt roads of Kajo Keji to attend a church beneath a tree. The church is made out of a blue tarp hung over wooden sticks. We sit on a combination of wooden pews and broken plastic lawn chairs. It is a small space, hot inside, but with the early ...

Seed Effect Trip 2015: A Day in the Market

Lillian, SE Client

It was a great day as South Sudan became real people with real lives. The market was alive as I entered to meet some of the people in the marketplace. All sorts of sights and smells hit me as I saw cabbage, onions and silverfish being sold by the South Sudanese. Being a “selective” eater, I was not sure what I would be eating on ...

Seed Effect Trip 2015: The Beginning

Flying MAF to Moyo, Uganda


Over the next few days our team will be sharing stories and photos from our trip. Be sure to follow along! Its hard to put into words all that we have experienced in just 3 days since leaving Dallas! The journey from Dallas ended up being longer than expected, with 5 ...


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