Businesses Empowering Businesses

At Seed Effect, we believe that it takes a village to empower a village so we’ve provided many ways to get involved.  One of the most unique opportunities is for your business to empower their business!  And, it’s as simple as it sounds.  If you own or work for a small business, consider donating a percentage of your profits to Seed Effect to help other small business owners and entrepreneurs in South Sudan grow their business!

Your business partnership can be the catalyst that helps them grow their business, generate a profit, and provide for their family.  

STEP 1 | IMAGINE  Think about how you can link your business to their business.  You could make a set donation per transaction, project or client engagement for your business, or donate a percentage of your overall profits!
STEP 2 | PROMOTE  Promote your Seed Effect partnership with your clients and customers.  We can provide customized creative ideas and collateral for you to share about Seed Effect through your website, emails and print media.  And we’ll promote your business as well by sharing about your partnership with other Seed Effect supporters through our website.
STEP 3 | CONNECT  You get the opportunity to create a deeper connection with your clients and customers and encourage them to think of ways to love and serve others as they engage with your business and empower entrepreneurs in South Sudan.

We’re incredibly grateful for our B2B partners! Read on below to meet them and learn why they’ve chosen to use their business to empower others. 


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