Fight Poverty in Africa Advocate

ad·vo·cate, noun: a person who pleads for or on behalf of another; intercessor.

Seed Effect exists to be a catalyst for transformation in the lives of those we serve.  In other words, our hope is to invest in a life, impact a family, and empower a whole community.

But it all starts with YOU advocating for THEM.  You can combat poverty in Africa and make a difference by spreading the word.


1. Be a Voice.  Learn more about what we do on our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and then share, advocate, and promote!
2. Volunteer.  Give of your time and talents to invest in the ministry.
3. Go.  Join us in South Sudan so that you can bring the vision back. Learn more about our trips here.
4. Host a party.  Gather your friends, throw a party, and help us raise funds and friends to support the work of Seed Effect.
5. Fundraise.  Start a fundraising campaign to fight poverty in Africa and empower the South Sudanese…

Considering fundraising? You have a network that we’d never be able to reach. There are so many ways to creatively fundraise and partner with Seed Effect!  

  • Consider asking for donations in lieu of gifts for your birthday or wedding
  • Host a party or happy hour
  • Running in a marathon? You can run for Seed Effect!
  • Set up a lemonade stand or bake sale
  • Do you own a small business? Join our B2B | Businesses Empowering Businesses program!

You come up with the idea and we’ll provide the customizable fundraising webpage, logos, photos, and any other tools you need.  Then you can leverage your network!  If you are interested in starting your own fundraising campaign to help provide microloans, education, and spiritual discipleship to fight poverty in South Sudan, please contact us at or 888-505-3292 and we’ll help you get started!


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