Weekend Reading List: Dignity for Refugees

I’ve never been a refugee. I’ve never walked out of my home, with just the clothes on my back – away from my family, my community, my world — because I’m too afraid to stay. You probably haven’t either. But, if the current news cycle is any indication, we all have thoughts and ideas about refugees; who they are and why they’ve been defined in such a way, as refugees. When we started working in South Sudan in 2009, every single one of our clients had been a refugee. After the peace deal was signed in 2005, millions began to return to their homes desperately hoping for peace, ...

Weekend Reading List: There is Hope

The news out of South Sudan in the past few days has been awful. The reports of what happened during the weekend of July 8th are finally coming out.  In the midst of renewed violence and fighting between government and rebel forces, the atrocities committed are absolutely horrific.  Hundreds were killed, thousands have been displaced both internally and as refugees, women were repeatedly raped by soldiers as UN Peacekeepers did nothing, aid workers were ambushed, beaten, raped, and tortured (again, while UN Peacekeepers did nothing), and the town of Juba descended into a living hell in ...

Weekend Reading List: The Business of Poverty

The theme of last month’s Weekend Reading List was How We Help Matters. We explored empowerment versus dependency, promoting dignity, and asked ourselves some hard questions. Well, this month we’re carrying the theme forward and diving in a little deeper to explore the “business of poverty” because we believe that next to Jesus this may be the most important thing to get right. And, we’ve done a little bait and switch. This month’s weekend reading list isn’t a reading list at all. It’s a must-see watch list of only one film. So, grab your popcorn and cozy up for movie night ...

Weekend Reading: War in South Sudan

This week’s weekend reading list is intended to catch you up on the South Sudan war. After almost 2.5 years of fighting, the situation has continued to deteriorate and it deserves our attention. None of these are easy reads. In fact, most tell horrific stories that reveal what’s happening in the newest country in Africa. But, these stories need to be told by those of us who have a voice. So please read on… Mass Rape, a Weapon of War, Traumatizes South Sudan What was a Symbol of hope is Now a City of Fear in South Sudan’s Civil War South Sudan Where the Soldiers ...


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