Q&A with Missy Williams: Seed Effect on Empowerment

We recently interviewed Seed Effect Co-Founder, Missy Williams, about empowerment in South Sudan and at home. Read on to learn more about what empowerment means at Seed Effect and what it means to her personally. What does Seed Effect mean by “Empowerment”? Empowerment is the basis for everything we do at Seed Effect from the way we mentor our South Sudanese staff to the way we serve our clients with access to microloans, savings, education, and discipleship. In fact, empowerment is written into our core values both directly and indirectly. At Seed Effect, we’re committed to: 1. ...

Q&A with Joel Cox, Director of Programs

We are thrilled to announce that Joel Cox has joined the Seed Effect team as our new Director of Programs! Find out more about Joel, how God redirected his course, what it’s like to work for a Christian nonprofit, and how he landed at Seed Effect. Why did you choose to travel to Sudan in 2011? In 2010, I started to feel God nudging me to do something outside my comfort zone. I was very involved in my church but was struggling with whether that was truly an overflow of God’s love in me or just me trying to be a “good Christian” through my own effort. There was an opportunity to go ...


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