Being Thankful In Hardship

Think of the most painful thing in your life, now imagine truly being thankful for it.

A motorbike accident left her shaken, but alive. A bus fire left her severely injured and the only survivor. A cheating husband left her with a death sentence, but through all of this God wanted to preserve her life. He has great plans for her… Read more of Paskline’s story…

I promise, it’s worth a listen

Jenn Sprinkle is the co-founder of {well} studio, “a community of dreamers, doers and entrepreneurs who love the Lord and desire to be good and faithful servants as they navigate this journey of struggle and success”. Jenn was one of twelve who traveled with us to South Sudan this summer. And, even though she’s a seasoned blogger, speaker, and author, like many who have traveled to South Sudan for the first time, she was overwhelmed about how to share about her experience. But there was one highlight that stood out, an interview with Seed Effect client, Lillian ...


“Love your brother as yourself” Agnes Juru quotes with joy, standing in Wudu Market in Kajo Keji, South Sudan. She cannot read, yet she knows what her favorite Bible verse is. The 25-year South Sudanese Civil War wrecked havoc on her life. “Without Seed Effect I wouldn’t have reached this far.” Growing up, Agnes did not have the opportunity to go to school so her options to provide for her eight children are extremely limited. Seed Effect’s Education Seminars finally gave Agnes the learning and training she craved. She now has the tools to grow her business, care for her family and ...


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