Seed Effect is a Christ-centered economic development organization. Our mission is to plant the seeds that overcome poverty by providing access to economic empowerment, education, and spiritual discipleship in marginalized communities.

In action, Seed Effect serves as a holistic tool to live out the Great Commission alongside the Great Commandment as we empower the poor to know and follow Jesus, plug into the local church, and overcome physical poverty.  Seed Effect is a modest force that generates a significant effect.  You invest with us and together we can plant the seeds that overcome poverty.

South Sudan Microfinance


Seed Effect combines economic empowerment through a credit-led or savings-led microfinance strategy tailored for each community we serve with education and Christian discipleship to transform lives and promote dignity in South Sudan and Uganda. Seed Effect began serving in South Sudan in 2009.  In 2017, Seed Effect pivoted its work to serve South Sudanese refugees in Uganda. Learn more about our work here and meet our clients here.

South Sudan Micro Finance

Core Values

Create an inspiring movement | We believe that Seed Effect is a movement of hope, love, empowerment, and transformation. This inspires us, and those around us, to say yes, get involved and become an agent of change.

Build transformative relationships | We believe that we can affect Christ-centered transformation by building and nurturing relationships through indigenous leadership and a Gospel-centric, relational approach.

Provide stability in unstable environments | We believe that Seed Effect is called to serve by bringing stability to situations that are unstable. In other words, we work in the hard places where others won’t.

Do more with less | We believe that the way that we invest our resources matters. The places we serve are more challenging and more costly than others, but we work hard to spend available funds where we can achieve the most impact while working toward sustainability in our operations.

Promote empowerment through savings and income generating activities | We believe that savings and microloans alongside education and discipleship is a life-giving opportunity that empowers the poor to invest in their dreams. It starts with a life, impacts a family, and can transform a community.


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