Myth #3 – Refugees Only Need Aid

As we’re preparing to launch our program in the refugee camps in northern Uganda, we’re unpacking 3 Myths about Refugees: Myth #1: Refugee = Emergency Myth #2: There’s a Permanent Solution And now, Myth #3: Refugees only need aid. As we learned from Myth #1, most often refugee crises are more than emergencies—they are protracted crises.  Thus, we need a long-term strategy to support refugees beyond the initial emergency.  But what should that long-term strategy be? Let’s start by taking a deeper look at what the research says about the existing, aid-based approaches for ...

Myth #2 – There’s a Permanent Solution

South Sudan’s refugee crises is now the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world.  So we’ve pivoted to bring the same empowerment  to the South Sudanese in a new environment. But first, we’re unpacking 3 Myths About Refugees. If you missed the first post, you can go here to catch up. Today, the second myth we’re challenging is that there’s a permanent solution available for refugees. Having no personal experience as refugees, it’s common for us to think that there are easy solutions to get refugees to a permanent home. But unfortunately most refugees living in prolonged exile ...

Myth #1: Refugee = Emergency

We’ve experienced the tragic impact of displacement first hand as the South Sudanese, the people we’ve served for the last eight years, have been forced from their homes due to renewed war.  As the war has escalated over the last nine months, it has become the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world. When you hear the word refugee, what do you think? Do you see a raft of refugees feeling violence or miles of tents providing temporary shelter? I do. I think of an emergency. I think of starving people needing immediate, emergency aid. But this is only a small piece of the story. In ...

3 Myths about Refugees

The market was bustling and the sun was shining overhead when Selena Konga came to receive her first loan—the very first Seed Effect microloan. It was November 2009, almost five years after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement had been signed, marking an end to decades of Civil War in South Sudan. Just a few years earlier, Selena, like millions of other South Sudanese, had been a refugee. She had recently repatriated with only a tarp and a sack of grain. But on that morning, she was empowered. We launched Seed Effect in South Sudan during a season of peace – albeit fragile peace.  ...


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