July 2016 Program Statistics Report

Since our last update, violence erupted again in Juba, South Sudan.  The insecurity has led to a temporary suspension in new loans. The savings program, however, is continuing to grow amidst the instability.  Please keep praying for our program, staff, clients, and the people of South Sudan.

Join the Discussion: Poverty, Inc.

Courtesy of Poverty, Inc.  Welcome back! (If you’re confused by that greeting, go here first.) What did you think of the film? Did it leave you surprised? Angry? Frustrated? Discouraged? Or even encouraged? Even though the film detailed how the “business of poverty” has created more dependency and billions of dollars have served merely to exacerbate the problem, we are encouraged by this film.  We’re encouraged because this conversation needs to be had and it touches on the very core convictions of Seed Effect. We firmly believe that how we help matters and that ...

Weekend Reading List: The Business of Poverty

The theme of last month’s Weekend Reading List was How We Help Matters. We explored empowerment versus dependency, promoting dignity, and asked ourselves some hard questions. Well, this month we’re carrying the theme forward and diving in a little deeper to explore the “business of poverty” because we believe that next to Jesus this may be the most important thing to get right. And, we’ve done a little bait and switch. This month’s weekend reading list isn’t a reading list at all. It’s a must-see watch list of only one film. So, grab your popcorn and cozy up for movie night ...

Prayer Requests: War in South Sudan

It’s been a hard week both in Dallas and in South Sudan. On Sunday my church in Dallas gathered to pray for our city and our country at exactly the same time our brothers and sisters in South Sudan were gathered to pray for theirs. I couldn’t stop the flow of tears for my city and for a place thousands of miles away that has also captured my heart. Violence erupted in Juba, South Sudan over the weekend as the country celebrated its 5th independence day. Hopes of the fragile peace deal sticking have been dashed as the media is reporting that the world’s youngest nation is hovering on ...


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